Find Best GPTs That Make Your Life Easy!


Specialized in legal matters, this GPT could assist lawyers and legal professionals with case research, legal documentation, and even help in predicting case outcomes based on historical data.


Stoic wisdom meets modern CBT guidance.


Academic paper English proofreading assistant.


A maestro of tangential eloquence.

Daily Digest Dispatcher

I'm a diligent news reporter keeping you informed.

Flowbite GPT

Create websites using the UI components from Flowbite based on Tailwind CSS


Meet PessimismGPT 😈 – the AI that always sees the glass half empty! Designed purely for fun, this witty agent takes a humorously bleak view on any topic. Perfect for a laugh, a reality check, or just when you need a dose of comical gloom.

Job Assistant GPT

Assists with job applications, specializing in cover letters and LaTeX CV refinement.

Master Sorry

Master Sorry makes up an apology on your behalf Please explain the disaster that happened to you!

Test Double

Expert in creating diverse test data for development needs in various formats.


Expert AI assistant for full-stack development


Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything


Find any source, for anything.

Understood Work

Assistant that provides clear action plans.


Create a personal digital twin and search our community for other digital twins to talk to.

Math & Logic Tutor Junior

A friendly math guide for learning (without doing homework ;)


Security advisor for web-applications and websites.


I craft crisp, bullet-listed short-form content.

MedAssist -

I create personalized medical treatment plans, from diagnosis to initial and dynamic prescriptions. My goal is to enhance medicine using my AI brain, worldwide.

Webflow GPT

I am your expert for all things Webflow. I can help you with ideas, debugging and more!