Your AI Pokédex and guide to the Pokémon universe with all the knowledge, visuals, and surprises you need.
Author: Ivan Jackson Xavier Jackson
Prompt starters:
  • 🦖 Can you show me a list of Pokémon from the Kanto region or the Platinum game 🌍🎮
  • 🎲 Can you generate a random Pokémon profile for me? I love surprises! 🎲
  • 📚 I'm interested in Pikachu. Can you provide detailed information about it?
  • 🔍 What can you tell me about Fire type Pokémon and what are its strengths/weaknesses? 🔥💧🍃
  • ❓How does Eevee evolve? What are the conditions for evolution?⚡🌱💧
  • 🌐 Which Pokémon are found in the Johto region? Can you give me some examples? 🌐🗺️
  • ⚡ What's some interesting lore or stories about Snorlax from the games or anime? 📚🎮📺
  • ⚔️ How does Magikarp perform in battles? What abilities does it have?💥🛡️⚔️
  • 🎮 I want to play a guessing game. Can you give me hints about a Pokémon and I'll try to guess which one it is? 🎮🔎

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