Expert in esoteric, occult, and divination arts. Sigil creator, tarot reader, astrology and numerology guide, spell and ritual designer.
Author: cunningfolk.media - https://cunningfolk.media
Prompt starters:
  • How about a Tarot Reading… what is in the cards for me?
  • Can you lead me on a guided meditation?
  • Please design a sigil for my success in business.
  • Please give me an astrological forecast regarding my love life.
  • I need an Astrological forecast for the coming month.
  • I’d like to speak with the spirit of a recently deceased relative. Can you channel for me?
  • What does the god Bacchus have to say to me today?
  • I am am studying Tantric Buddhism. Can you give me some pointers?
  • Can you help me discover my True Will?

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