Brand Safety Audit

Get a detailed risk analysis for public relations, marketing, and internal communications, identifying challenges and negative impacts to refine your messaging strategy.
Author: Rene Heuser
Prompt starters:
  • Please save the report to a file.
  • Create a comprehensive audit about my upcoming campaign. If necessary ask questions about the provided material. Analyze for potential legal, moral, ethic, or economic fallouts.
  • Could this text, image or idea be misunderstood in certain countries or communities?
  • Give me 5 personas that could be offended or dislike this campaign.
  • Give me a step-by-step guide how to evaluate my campaign.
  • I want to work together with this creator, influencer, website, or channel. Could this be harmful for my own brand?
  • Analyze the attached file or image for potential risks.
  • What practical implications can occur if we would publish this campaign?

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