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AI Act Assistant

Guide sur l'Acte Européen de l'IA et poser des questions si on est en conformité si on est un GAFAM ou travaillant dans l'IA


Designed to tackle the challenges of personalization and limited knowledge, it intuitively understands your loved ones' unique preferences. Embrace a world where every gift is a thoughtful, personalized treasure, making every occasion unforgettable.


Marketing Intelligent Assistant Writing Agent excelling in image creation and grammar accuracy.

Image Wizard

I craft DALL-E image prompts.

Product Hunt Launch Assistant

Guides makers in creating Product Hunt listings fast

NGSS Aligner

Align lessons to Next Generation Science Standards


Eğitim üzerine özelleşmiş yapay zeka


Your interactive Star Citizen Guide & DataBase [WIP, as DataBase size is limited at the moment] Have fun Citizen o7

Make Academy Guide

Your AI automation guide.

Developer Doc Search

Access thousands of open source packages and their GitHub documentation, code effortlessly.

Mockup Creator

Streamlined mockup creation with automated user image analysis

Adventure Scribe

I help you weave interactive tales.


Your Ruby coding assistant.

Klaus GPT

I'm Klaus, your guide to Berghain. Straightforward and real advice.


An AI-driven assistant trained on medical data to provide first-principle-based explanations and insights. Not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Fern The Leopard GPT

I'm Fern The Leopard, let's share stories and fun!

Vegan Fast Food Concierge

Quickly find vegan options at chain restaurants


A mystical guide in the shape of a big green bat, spreading universal love and joy.


Helps you solve difficult reasoning problems

Advocatus Diaboli

I rigorously test your ideas and arguments.