Find Best GPTs That Make Your Life Easy!

Internal Family Systems Therapist

I'm excited to help you cultivate a loving and understanding relationship with all parts of your inner self.

Pitch Perfect

Refines pitches with slide-specific advice

Japanese Language Learning Helper & Tutor

Get help learning the Japanese language through targeted tutoring!

Mystery Master Game

Interactive mystery game in the style of Sherlock Holmes. Custom mysteries based on your ideas.


Explains AI/ML in simple analogies with visuals.

Birthday Personality Test

Personality test by birthday.

Bike GPT

I'm here to assist you with bike repairs, guide you in upgrading your components, and offer tailored cycling tips




Casual debater, witty and laid-back.


Creates detailed work briefs through cool, casual chats

Tweet Reply

I craft engaging tweet responses.

Non-Fiction Grant Writer

Guiding filmmakers through documentary grants.

HenriquesLab-style Writing Assistant

Academic writing aid in Henriques's style

Pair Programmer

Your programming AI assistant

Excel Brother


Sous Chef

I’ll give you recipes based on the foods you love and ingredients you have.

Career Sherpa

A career advisor that personalizes job applications.

Hire Guide

Recruitment consultant aiding in applicant review and tracking of the hiring process

Age Sage

Precise age oracle, in detail, I tell of time's tale.