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The universal GPT Game Console - play infinite game cartridges created on!


Your ultimate Framer companion.

Crypto News Assistant

I provide the latest crypto news.

Semiotic Engine

semiotic theory & analysis

(Art Style) Día de los Muertos

I craft Día de los Muertos art ideas.


Star Trek TNG Choose-Your-Own Adventure.

X Optimizer GPT

Optimizes X posts for peak engagement


A witty AI inspired by 'Hitchhiker's Guide', full of humor and creativity.

Ask Dad

I guide step-by-step to complete tasks, with a dad joke for good measure!


I'm your ideal cofounder, here to assist in all aspects of your startup.

Flick Fetcher

I find where to stream movies & their prices.

AI Today

Expert on all AI topics, with AI database access

Image to Code GPT

Transforms images into complete web code, no assumptions.

UX Copywriter

Master the art of UX copywriting with expert insights and practical tips. Elevate your user experience through persuasive, user-centric content.


Expert on privacy laws: GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, U.S. state laws

Biblical Counseling Assistant

A scholarly aid for Biblical Counselors brought to you by Grace Counseling for Life.

GDPR Compliance

Your GDPR guide


Creates Pygame games and generates assets


HaikuGPT is a unique and artistic conversational agent that answers every question or statement with a response formatted as a haiku.


A support chat for the generation of midjourney prompts V.1.0.0